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Nova Scotia ventilation services - fresh air for you, your family & employees

Langille's balanced ventilation technology delivers benefits for your health, your home or business

Call Langille's for 24 hour service! Langille's Plumbing and Heating's team of professionals install ventilation systems - new construction and retrofits. Call us today - 902-543-4897 or - we will repair, service and balance your existing unit or design and install a new system.

Did you know the air quality in your home may be up to 70 times worse than the air outdoors? Poor indoor air quality can aggravate allergies and asthma and cause headaches and fatigue for everyone in your home.

As our homes become more energy efficient, they become more hazardous to our health. Allergens and harmful indoor fumes from paint, plastics, carpets, adhesives, and household products stay trapped inside today's tightly sealed, well-insulated houses.

Although you're saving money by conserving energy, you're paying a much greater price with your health. Polluted indoor air can cause respiratory irritation and worsen allergy symptoms for everyone inside.

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Langille's recommends Lifebreath's balanced technology

Langille's Plumbing and Heating features Lifebreath's heat recovery ventilator to supply your home with healthy fresh air. Lifebreath's balanced ventilation technology replaces indoor stale air with an identical amount of fresh air. This balanced ventilation is critical to prevent moisture build-up in your home during the heating season which can lead to structural rot, hazardous mold and unpleasant mildew.

Properly balancing your system is the key to quality results. The industry standard for balancing is to do so at the unit. Paul Langille takes it one step further by balancing each room as well.

The clean air is reheated as it enters through the core with the heat saved from the outgoing air. Because of the unique ability of an HRV to transfer the temperature of indoor stale air to the incoming fresh air, you'll realize lower heating and cooling costs year round while enjoying all the benefits superior indoor air quality delivers.

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