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Langille's Plumbing & Heating Limited - solving water treatment problems

Safe, quality water for you and your family or place of business on Nova Scotia's South Shore!

Call Langille's Plumbing & Heating For quality water, it is important to have your equipment serviced annually. Langille's service team will ensure your equipment is working at its peak -
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Water should be crystal clear - without odor or unpleasant taste. Many common problems can cause your water to become cloudy; have a bad smell and off-colour.

Langille's Plumbing & Heating can design and deliver solutions for any water treatment problem. Bring us a water sample and we will test it ourselves or send it to an independent lab for complete analysis. Based on the results, we will develop a system to meet your individual needs.

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Paul Langille, owner of Langille's Plumbing & Heating in Bridgewater Nova Scotia has been in the business since 1980.

Water facts:

reverse osmosis - no bottled water

Langille's installed this Reverse Osmosis system directly below the kitchen: delicious water, no bottles & more cupboard space!

Whether you need a Provectr system, water softener or iron filter, we will customize the system to provide safe, quality water for you and your family.

"UV" Series - Ultra Violet water treatment systems kill harmful bacteria

Many wells, ponds and other untreated water sources may contain unwanted or harmful organisms. A supply tested drinkable, may become contaminated from underground seepage, surface water or ground water fouling from a number of sources.

Ultra violet systems address these concerns without having to add chemicals such as chlorine to water or changing its chemical composition.

Reverse Osmosis - Stop buying bottled water!

Reverse osmosis is a simple, all-in-one system that fits under your sink! Treatment of water by reverse osmosis represents a modern breakthrough in water filters. Water is processed at the molecular level, providing you and your family a reliable supply of quality drinking water.

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